5 Wishes for global political Developments in 2014

In this time of exorbitant longing for more luxury goods I would have the completion of five wishes for the political development in 2014 which have at least a slight chance of realization. These would be:

First: Kim Jong-un, the 30-years-old supreme leader of North Korea, will be brought down and so the decades-long terror regime of the Kim dynasty comes to an end. At the first step, only the military is trustful enough to deliver the 24 million inhabitant. Because of the sparsely transpiring news it foreshadows which human tragedies happen in the numerous punishment camps where about 200.000 people are interned. According to “Amnesty International”, one of the punishment camps, camp 16, is bigger than Austria´s capital Vienna in size, 20.000 people are jailed there.

Second: The international community finally succeeds to remove Assad`s murderous regime in Syria which is responsible for more than 130.000 killed civilians and to substitute it by a new leadership that govern independently of the meanwhile travelled Islamists. This will not simply work without the right development in Iran though – see next point.

Third: The leadership in Teheran makes the right decision in 2014. It drops his aim to turn Iran into an atomic weapon state which threatens the neighbour, the near east and the global peace. Instead Iran takes the chance to escape from the decades-long isolation as well as from the existence as a Pariah state, to become an economic and political local authority, to take advantage of the human potential of the country and to turn Persia into a model for economic prosperity and democracy. This will only be possible with a subversion of the government. The earlier, the better.

Forth: In Afghanistan and Iraq, the countries where many soldiers (especially from the USA) sacrifice their lives and health, the situation keeps on stabilizing and the Taliban and other radicals fail the attempt to plunge these countries into ruin.
The Kurds in North-Iraq take more steps towards creation of sovereignty while Sunnis and Shias come to a peaceful understanding with each other. President Karzei goes off the political stage and his follower and the Afghans remember that rich natural resources of gold, copper, lithium and ferric – which all have a great value and can give the country an economic revival – are located there.

Fifth: It finally comes to a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians – despite of the big distrust on the both sides and of the sadly feared terror attacks of radicals who try to stop this peace process.
The USA and European states use their economic power to constrain both parties to a peace agreement and to make sure that the emerging state Palestine is survivable and that they do not fall into the hands the radical Hamas. The only hitch: This development involves a rapid rise in unemployment. What should be done with career soldiers, activists, politicians, officials of international committees and journalists who have been busy with Israel during their whole professional life?

If this five wishes come true, the year 2014, in which the outbreak of the First World War has his 100th anniversary, will be a historic year of peace.

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